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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 15th Scripture Memorization

So time flies by in the summer!  Here I am trying to get acclimated to no schedule...not pretty, at first!  For nine months we live a pretty structured life around our house, so we get into a routine.  I am certain, this is the case for most families with school aged children.  That first week was extreme chaos.  For no other reason other than adjusting to new activities like a moms and kids CrossFit class, tennis, golf, baseball, and just plain ole down time!  Usually I don't plan a thing!  But with my 10 year old son, we are in dire need of keeping him active to keep him as even keel as possible!  This brings me to a state of gratitude...I am thankful for his athletic abilities and interests.  As for my sweet baby girl, albeit 7, she is so easy to please and is taking interest in tennis.  Oh, I can't forget the tutoring, both are being tutored over summer break.  I have learned the average child looses 3-4 months of knowledge from the previous school year if there is not summer academic maintenance.  It sounds like were busy, but really these activities are scattered all over the week, so it is highly manageable with plenty of time to play until we fall into a deep slumber at nightime.

I trust you too are getting acclimated to the summer months and find time to study God's word in the midst of your every day.  I am rapping up a Beth Moore study titled Jesus the One and Only.  How about you?  What is God placing before you this summer?  I know this google account response is a bit inconvenient.  Please bear with me.  All emails are welcome at ltrenasty@hotmail.com .

Now, down to business!  Kudos to our SIC, Teri from Florida, who has picked another wonderful verse this month.  I am taking this one on too for more reasons than one.   Here goes...

Psalm 68:9 (NLT)
"You sent abundant rain, O God,
    to refresh the weary land."

Love you and I hope your summer brings refreshment to your soul!

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