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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My big fat 'wall' lately is fear...

I am able to better recognize a mental blockage when it comes to living life to my full God-given potential. I am thankful for this revelation. Fear. The word even sounds frightening to me. There is nothing of the word that I like. It can be paralyzing of our physical being if we allow it too much importance, control, or significance. I am grateful today to be more aware of this 'wall' and I refuse to live behind it. I choose to recognize, or name, the giant rather than choose to stuff it down or ignore it. There is a lot of freedom here.

Faith quickens the Lord; fear quickens Lucifer. -Ann Voskamp

Depending on the situation, fear changes it's stem, or face; for the root is fear itself. I find that I have to step back from the particular situation that is not free flowing and dig a little deeper into the cause for concern or reason for blockage. It's spiritually vital to be able to identify and work thru our giants by measuring it up according to the Scriptures. Truth. Freedom. Free flowing Spirit. Bliss.

Can you identify what blockages you have from enabling a free flowing Spirit?

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