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Monday, January 10, 2011

HE is The Only One you can let it all hang out with...

"Blessed is she who believes that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished."   -NIV
 Luke 1:45

Has it been a while since you have heard the voice of God?  Not the audible voice, but the voice that penetrates in your heart, mind, and soul?   For some, like me, it takes meditation; a "time-out" with God, where it is just HE and I and no one else.  This means phone off, computer off, Bible,  journal, and pen out!!  For others, God might come to you in a dream, or penetrate your heart while driving down the road.  In either case, our God yearns for your devotion and affection.  He desires for you to open up your heart.  He wants you to lay it all out for HIM, at the cross, daily.  The Word of God says HE knows everything about us (I John 3:19-23).  With this, we can have confidence before God and rest in HIS presence, if we are willing to let go and let Jesus take the lead.   Jesus, the silver lining to our lives, wants to carry our burdens, worries, fears, anxieties, and share in our joys and triumphs.  Invest in HIM alone, like you would with any other relationship (i.e. spouse, children, pets).  This is where true peace comes from.  Confess distractions, bitterness, hardened hearts, old habits that are hard to break if they are ungodly, ask the Lord to awaken the Holy Spirit in you to draw your attention to any sin in your life that is going unrecognized.   Don't wait!  It's okay.  He loves you...unconditionally!

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