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Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 1st Scripture Memorization

We are well on our way to arming ourselves with our seventh Bible verse!!!! What an amazing journey. I am so happy the Lord has given me the desire to study and memorize; without Him it would never be possible. Like many moms, after child birth and rearing children, my memory is limited and usually goes in at least seven different directions at one time!! I hope and pray you feel the power of God's Word penetrating your inner being and over turning your thought-life towards Him and His will for your meaningful and purposeful life.

Without further to do, let me introduce you to my April 1st Scripture. I have not memorized or truly broken down this in great detail, ever. So for me, this is a first. I look forward to it's fruit.

Matthew 6:9-13 (NIV)
FATHER, HALLOWED (holy) be your name,
YOUR kingdom come, YOUR will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give me TODAY my daily bread.
FORGIVE me my debts,
As I also FORGIVE my debtors
And LEAD ME not into temptation,
But DELIVER me from the evil one.

Please know that you can pick up where you left off or if you're just getting on board, WELCOME!!!! We like to write our verses on a 3x5 spiral notebook and/or you can use the 'notes' section on your iPhone or iPad, not to mention a free download from the App store titled 'Living Proof Ministries Siesta Scripture Memory Team'. I look forward to 'Comments' or e-mails from each of you on your chosen Scripture. Remember, God's word says "you are fearfully and wonderfully made"...Psalm 139:14.

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