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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Everyday Gratitude...

Family Journal of 'Everyday Gratitude'
How do you put the discipline of something like 'Everyday Gratitude' into place?  What works for me and my family just might work for you and yours!  I purchased this cute little chest simply because it was neutral, compact, and useful!  Little did I know, when I purchased this cute little piece, it would end up being our dedicated space for our family's 'Everyday Gratitude Journal'.

Gratitude.  Thanksgiving.  Grace.  Joy.  These feelings and outcomes are obtainable.  Being able to see the gift of grace in all things; big and small takes discipline;  retraining of your thought life.  To be able to find the good over the bad.  When we embrace this way of thinking; seeing all things through the lens of Christ, we are able to find Him in all things.  Hence, the Joy!  We are able to point out his blessings over us.  For example:  #219, today I am thankful for my true-green shiny leafed plant reaching up toward the heavens via our sun-tunnel in the kitchen as if it's neck were outstretched in song.  (this would ring true to me b/c my green thumb has always been challenged!)  And I can't neglect #220 the beauty of the uniquely decorative rock inside the pot that reminds me of how God created Ava in His image, whose heart beats for making unusual treasures with her hands and gifting them to others.

Try this discipline!  Place your journal in a space where it is visible for your family to see.  On the path they take everyday.  You will begin to see things around your home, yard, garden, commutes, etc. differently.  You will start to recognize Him and expect Him in all things and circumstances.  I hope this becomes a reality in your home and in your heart.  'Everyday Gratitude' is contagious, especially when you place a dish of dark chocolate kisses in a bowl for those who participate!!  I find it brings the relationships in the home, with my husband and children, in closer communion...seeing all things through Grace which covers us.

Gratitude Chest
On a path well traveled throughout our home

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