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Monday, January 24, 2011

The power of touch...

There are many incidents in scripture (to name a few...Luke 4:40, Luke 5:14, Matthew 20:34 ) where Jesus healed the broken.  Whether it was from disease, demon-possessed, or blindness the Son choose to miraculously heal His people most often by the power of His hands.  What I admire so much about our God in these passages is that He could have simply spoke this kind of healing into being, but because of His unending compassions (Lamentation 3:22) our God chose to reach out His mighty hand and physically touch the broken and heal them by the power of His touch.

Have you ever experienced any kind of healing by the power of touch?  Think on this for a moment....stress or tensed muscles unwound by a deep tissue massage, achy feet relieved with a foot massage (think pedicure), or arms and hands massaged until you realized they too were tense (think manicure)?  There is a lot to be said by the power of touch one can gift another.

Let this post encourage you to massage your spouse's neck, shoulders, or tired feet, rub your child's back when you tuck them in or awaken them, hug your neighbor, or put your arm around someone you just met.  Pray for that special someone while you're at.  You won't be disappointed at the positive impact this will bring.

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