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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Here's the scoop...today I mentally faced my 'fears' about riding in the LIVESTRONG bike challenge this weekend in Austin.  This is an event I have wanted to be a part of since learning of it in the spring; i.e. on my bucket list!    Fears as in 'Can I finish?'... 'without quitting', 'Can I overcome'?, 'Can I muster the mental strength'?   This morning I decided I was going to be fine.  I looked at it this way...what a beautiful gift and opportunity to view the Austin hill country side in Dripping Springs via bike.  Not racing, just riding.  45-65 miles.  So excited!  So I signed up online.  I had to go out in the garage to count my rear gears for courtesy bike checks throughout the ride.  Like a galloping unicorn over a rainbow I leaped over two stand up paddle boards in the garage.  At the last second I recalled the fins on the board and flinched midway....and fell to the ground with what I immediately thought was a break.   Good news...no break!  Hallelujah!  Bad news...I cannot walk on my foot.  That's right!  My right wheel is out of commission.  The upper side is swollen and it has got progressively worse as the day/night wears on.  Crutches bad.   I am heartfelting asking you to join me in prayer for quick and perfect, miraculous healing...so that I can enjoy and conquer this now determined spirit to ride with gladness and Thanksgiving, to raise awareness and help support the foundation financially in their pursuit to concoct better medicines for patients living with cancer.  Thank you so much for caring.

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